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WO2010/004004, Recombinant fibrinogen, PROFIBRIX BV
WO2010/122062, Method and device for disinfection and/or purification of a product, PURILL BV
WO2013/004838, Formulations for wound therapy, PROFIBRIX BV
WO2013/113767, Method for administration of a probiotic, BIOCLIN BV
WO2016/131960, Improved photodynamic process, KIADIS PHARMA INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY BV
WO2019/243587, Use of green microalgae to improve plant growth, ALGAE INNOVATIONS NETHERLANDS & UNIVERSITEIT VAN AMSTERDAM
WO2020/239971, Food colourant, OTERAP HOLDING BV
EP1870448A1, Solar power from sea, FREDERIK KREUGER
EP2521566B1, Fibrinogen preparations enriched in fibrinogen with an extended alpha chain, PROFIBRIX BV
EP2765948B1, Oral care composition, MULTI ORAL BV
EP3618853B1, Fibrinogen gamma prime variants for treating an infection, FIBRIANT BV
EP3769770A1, Method for inhibiting or preventing infection in a transplant recipient, KIADIS PHARMA INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY BV
NL2022195B1, Method for cascaded processing of fresh algae, SABIDOS BV

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