16 July 2019,


These persons and companies have preceded you, a selection:

WO2010/004004, Recombinant fibrinogen, PROFIBRIX BV
WO2010/089371, Biodegradable extravascular stent, PROFIBRIX BV
WO2010/122062, Method and device for disinfection and/or purification of a product, PURILL BV
WO2011/083154, Dry powder fibrin sealant, PROFIBRIX BV
WO2013/004838, Formulations for wound therapy, PROFIBRIX BV
WO2013/050432, Oral care composition, applicator for such a composition and method for oral care, MULTI ORAL BV
WO2013/113767, Method for administration of a probiotic, BIOCLIN BV
EP1870448A1, Solar power from sea, FREDERIK KREUGER
EP2521566B1, Fibrinogen preparations enriched in fibrinogen with an extended alpha chain, PROFIBRIX BV

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